Getting ready for a long sleep

The shell is now empty and has been cleaned and is ready to be stored away in my garage until the restoration will start. There are a few bad repairs on the body and it will be a lot of work. This video clip shows the condition of the car:

<p><a href=”″>P1800ES -72 Bare Body Shell</a> from <a href=”″>Ove Ericsson</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>


Is it really only 39’000 miles?

The car has only  39’469 miles (63’150 km) on the clock, which is not a lot for a 44 year old car. But is it really all?


It may well be all actually.  First of all, the previous owner bought the car in 1987 and he drove the car only a couple of thousand miles before he took the car of the road and started to restore it in 1989. There is an MOT Test Certificate in the car’s file confirming that; it had 35’556 miles when it had it’s last MOT on 30 March 1988. So, in reality one could say that the car only put on milage during its first seventeen years and after that it has been resting for twenty-seven years.

Secondly, there are six digits on the Odometer on the E and ES cars, and it has counted up to 039469, secondly when I check the usual milage indicators; clutch and break pedal rubbers looks as good as new, the drivers door hinges are also like new with no play, the rear axle feels like new – no play at all, the driver seat is very firm and gives good support. It will be interesting when I open the gearbox later. I know how how much wear it was on the shafts where the roll bearings sit on my P1800S, and I have been able to confirm that the milage on that one is 60’000 mile, so that will also provide a clue.

My conclusion is that the chases are good that the car only has done 39’469 miles, but I will nevertheless try to find the previous owners, write t them and ask.

Dismantling the car

I started to dismantle the car at my garage, Castleman as I have access to a lift and other equipment. It took me about three days to strip the car bare and pack it in to six 63 litre plastic boxes and on to three pallets. Those will now be stored away until I am ready to start the restoration.

Now its only the dash board and wiring loom left to dismantle. In the mean time, the car is “resting” in the oven.  I have a feeling it will take a couple of years before the car see that oven again…


The Purchase

I found my car on eBay in early October 2016 . It was for sale close to my home so I could go and have a good look at it. Lots of work!  The chap who was selling had bought the car in 1987 and taken it off the road in 1989 and started the restoration.  After some welding work it would appear that the restoration was abandoned and he just kept the car in his garage for 25 years!

There was a few new parts included, which was great; stainless steel exhaust system, Volvo NOS outer sills, front fender repair and a few smaller repair panels for the headlights and indicator lights.

Besides the very helpful seller the only good news was that it had only 39000 miles on the clock. And a Webasto sunroof!